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Kent Davis is me. I’m a writer, game designer, actor, and pratfall practitioner.

The Great Unravel, the third novel in the A Riddle in Ruby Series, is slated for release by HarperCollins’ Greenwillow Books November 7, 2017. The whole series features adventure, daring heroes, alchemical automatons, and both pluck and gumption.

My game design partner, Chris Organ, and I are the two geekomatics behind the award-nominated Epic RPG tabletop roleplaying game. Theater, film, and television credits as a short, bald man include an array of concerned friends, overbearing flunkies, and odd-yet-amusing next door neighbors. When I’m not writing or gaming, I teach in the Honors College at Montana State University. I’m a member of SFWA and SCBWI. Snake Oil Workshop is the place where I teach improvisation to business folks and academics.

I live in a little gray house in the wilds of Montana with my brilliant, ridiculous wife and a bold, yet wily dog-ninja. I love good food, good games, and good stories. Especially if the stories have dragons. Or wendigo. Or elusive, brain-devouring fauna.

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